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Australian Cattle Market Trends Week Ending 24 Nov 2023

Recent Trends in Key Australian Cattle Saleyards

The Australian cattle market has shown notable trends across major saleyards, including Dubbo, Dalby, Roma, and Tamworth. A common theme across these markets is the reduction in cattle numbers due to recent rainfall, impacting the supply chain. Despite this, the market has responded with increased prices in various categories, indicating robust demand.

Dubbo Saleyard: Rising Prices Amidst Decreased Supply

At Dubbo, the cattle auction saw a decrease in supply to 2,700 head, a reduction of 550 from the previous sale. This was attributed to storm rains affecting the region. Despite the reduced supply, there was a diverse range of cattle, including prime heavy weight and well-finished young cattle. Prices showed an increase across various categories:

  • Young cattle for trade: Up by 15c or more, with prime yearlings selling between 220c to 284c/kg.
  • Feeder steers and heifers: Increased by 15c to 25c, priced between 216c to 295c and 236c to 256c/kg, respectively.
  • Restocker young cattle: Up to 30c dearer, with steers selling from 273c to 364c and heifers from 220c to 314c/kg.
  • Grown steers and heifers: Increased by 12c to 20c, with prices ranging from 220c to 247c/kg.
  • Cows: An uptick of 17c to 30c, with prime heavy weight cows averaging at 210c/kg.
Dalby Cattle Market: Improved Prices with Reduced Yarding

Dalby’s cattle auction experienced a significant decrease in yarding to 1,723 head. Despite this, there was active participation from buyers, leading to a general increase in prices across most cattle classes:

  • Light weight yearling steers: Maintained prices, with some reaching up to 353c/kg.
  • Yearling steers for feeding: Increased by 20c to 30c/kg.
  • Yearling heifers for restockers: Notably higher prices, with increases over 40c/kg.
  • Grown steers and bullocks: Averaged a 40c/kg increase.
  • Cows: Improvements ranging from 30c to 35c/kg.
Roma Saleyard: Encouraging Market Trends

At Roma, a total of 2,575 cattle were yarded, showing improvements in most cattle descriptions:

  • Light weight yearling steers: Fetched up to 356c, averaging at 314c/kg.
  • Medium weight steers: Topped at 338c/kg.
  • Yearling heifers: Ranged between 200c and 290c, depending on weight.
  • Adult cattle and bulls: Manufacturing bullocks averaged at 220c/kg, with cows reaching up to 220c/kg.
Tamworth Saleyard: Strong Demand Despite Reduced Numbers

Tamworth’s saleyard yarded 850 cattle, a decrease due to rainfall. The sale was dominated by young cattle and cows, with strong demand from restockers and feedlots:

  • Yearling steers: Light weights sold at higher prices, with medium and heavy weights in high demand.
  • Yearling heifers: Attracted keen interest, with price gains exceeding those of steers.
  • Cows: Market trends were firm to slightly dearer.


Across these major Australian saleyards, the cattle market has demonstrated resilience and robust demand despite reduced supply due to recent weather conditions. The increase in prices across various categories reflects a strong market responding to the dynamics of supply and demand. This trend underscores the vitality of the Australian cattle industry and its capacity to adapt to changing environmental and market conditions.