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Dubbo Saleyard Report 23 Nov 2023: Cattle Prices Rise as Supply Dips

Cattle in a field Australia

At the Dubbo Saleyard, the recent cattle auction reflected a notable decrease in supply, with the total yarding reaching 2,700 head, a reduction of 550 from the previous sale. This decrease is attributed to recent storm rains affecting up to 30mm in some districts, impacting the cattle numbers brought to the yard.

Despite the reduced supply, the auction presented a diverse range of cattle. This included a limited number of prime heavy weight cattle and an assortment of well-finished young cattle appealing to trade buyers. Additionally, there was a fair presence of young cattle suitable for feeders, along with a considerable number of secondary cattle.

Pricing trends at the Dubbo Saleyard showed a marked increase across various categories. Young cattle destined for trade were 15c dearer, sometimes more, with prime yearlings being sold for prices ranging from 220c to 284c/kg. The feeder segment also saw a rise in prices, with feeder steers and heifers being 15c to 25c dearer than previous rates. The feeder steers were priced between 216c to 295c, whereas the feeder heifers sold from 236c to 256c/kg.

Young cattle intended for restockers experienced an even more significant price hike, going up to 30c dearer. The young steers in this category sold from 273c to 364c, while the young restocker heifers ranged from 220c to 314c/kg.

In the grown cattle category, both steers and heifers recorded a price increase at the Dubbo Saleyard. Grown steers were 12c to 14c dearer, selling from 220c to 247c, while the grown heifers were up by up to 20c/kg, with sales ranging from 220c to 234c/kg. The cow segment also witnessed an uptick in prices, with an increase of 17c to 30c. The 2 and 3 score cows were sold between 100c to 194c/kg, and prime heavy weight cows averaged at 210c/kg, ranging from 190c to 229c. Heavy bulls reached a top price of 206c/kg.

This report from the Dubbo Saleyard indicates a robust demand for cattle, despite the decline in available numbers. The increased prices across different cattle categories demonstrate a strong market responding to the interplay of supply and demand.