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Rugby Star Turns Brand Ambassador

TL;DR: Rugby star Scott Barrett partners with Virbac as the brand ambassador for Multimin. With a strong farming background, Barrett will promote the trace element product through a national media campaign and promotional events.

Animal health company Virbac has partnered with rugby star and farmer Scott Barrett. He will be the brand ambassador for Virbac’s trace element product, Multimin.

Perfect Match

Virbac says Barrett is ideal for this role due to his farming background and rural upbringing, despite being more known for his rugby career. Barrett has over 60 test caps and has played a leading role in his team’s domestic championship wins. Farming is in his blood. He hails from a strong farming family on the windy southern coast of Taranaki.

Farming Roots

The Barrett family converted their farm into a dairy operation around 17 years ago. Scott, when visiting home, helps on the farm and now owns a share in a 180-hectare dairy operation on the Taranaki coast. As both a professional athlete and farming enthusiast, Barrett is dedicated to achieving top performance from his rugby team and his 420 cows.

Virbac’s Excitement

Katie Turner, Multimin product manager, expressed Virbac’s excitement about the partnership. “Scott embodies Multimin’s ‘performance ready’ positioning. With a winning mentality, he is a respected and top-performing New Zealander, proven to deliver results at the highest levels,” says Turner.

Multimin’s Benefits

Multimin is a multimineral trace element injection for cattle, sheep, and deer. Trusted by vets and supported by local and international research, it has improved livestock performance across the country for nearly 20 years. The patented formulation includes zinc, selenium, manganese, and copper. There is also a version without copper, Multimin Copper Free. It enhances immunity and improves reproductive performance.

Scott Barrett’s Passion

Barrett says his interest in the land and animals started early, growing up on a dairy farm. This passion led him to Lincoln University, where he earned a Bachelor of Agriculture before his rugby career took off. “I am excited to partner with Multimin, a brand striving for high performance, like me,” says Barrett.

National Campaign

Turner is thrilled to connect New Zealand vets and farmers with one of the nation’s sporting icons. As a brand ambassador, Barrett will feature in a national media campaign and attend promotional events.