Meat & Livestock News

ANZCO Navigates a Challenging Year with Notable Success

TL;DR: ANZCO Foods reports a solid profit in a challenging year, outperforming industry peers with strategic investments and efficient management, despite global challenges and the significant impact of Mycoplasma bovis at its feedlot. Optimism remains high for market recovery. Strong Annual Performance Despite a tough year for the meat industry, ANZCO Foods stood out by […]

Dan Boulton’s Rise at Silver Fern Farms

TL;DR: Dan Boulton, now CEO of Silver Fern Farms, guides the company with a focus on brand power and sustainability. His leadership aims to position SFF’s products at the premium market, aligning with consumer values on environmental responsibility and animal welfare. A Journey Home Dan Boulton, once part of Sealord’s team, craved a return to […]

Exporters’ Environmental Credentials Under Scrutiny

TL;DR: A report emphasises that New Zealand exporters must strengthen environmental credentials to maintain competitiveness amid global increases in climate-related disclosures and ESG standards. Key markets demand compliance, impacting both large and small entities in export supply chains. Increasing Pressure on New Zealand Exporters A recent report stresses that New Zealand exporters must validate their […]

Update on NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement

TL;DR: The New Zealand-EU Free Trade Agreement has been launched, enhancing trade, reducing tariffs, and strengthening economic ties, vital for New Zealand’s growth and international relations. New Zealand Enhances Trade with the EU Todd McClay highlights the critical role of international trade for New Zealand, accounting for 60% of the nation’s total economic activities. He […]

New Leadership at Sanford

TL;DR: David Mair transitions from Skellerup to become CEO of Sanford, bringing proven leadership and strategic vision to the fishing company. David Mair Joins Sanford After a notable 14-year tenure at Skellerup, David Mair has moved to Sanford, a prominent listed fishing company, as the new chief executive. Impressive Track Record Under his leadership, Skellerup […]

Lamb Market Stagnation

TL;DR: Lamb prices remain low due to weak demand from China and high production in Australia. Companies are cutting costs and exploring new markets to mitigate the impact. Despite potential improvements, global market conditions and strong Australian production continue to dominate pricing, with technological advancements in focus for future stability. Subdued Market Responses Exporters report […]

Trans-Tasman Fertiliser Dispute Escalates

TL;DR: Marnco, an Australian fertiliser company, enters the New Zealand market, sparking legal action from FANZ over product quality claims. The dispute focuses on whether Marnco’s superphosphate meets the 8% Fertmark standard, with a court hearing set for September. A significant battle has ignited between Australian company Marnco and New Zealand’s farmer co-operative companies over the […]

New Zealand’s Leadership in Methane Reduction

TL;DR: New Zealand’s farming receives global praise for reducing methane emissions, with potential innovations influencing global agricultural practices and attracting significant international investment. Global Recognition New Zealand’s farming sector is gaining global recognition for its innovative approaches to reducing methane emissions from livestock. Ruth Leary of AgriZero NZ highlighted the positive reception at international agritech […]

Global Interest in Red Meat for Wellbeing

TL;DR: Recent research highlights a strong global interest in red meat for health benefits, with consumers willing to pay more for products linked to physical and mental wellness. Recent research reveals significant global interest in red meat’s health benefits. Studies conducted by AgResearch, in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia and Spain’s Centre for Agro-food […]

Challenges in New Zealand’s Sheep Meat Exports to China

TL;DR: New Zealand’s sheep meat prices are unlikely to rise soon in China due to ongoing economic challenges. Beef + Lamb NZ is diversifying markets and exploring direct consumer sales to mitigate impacts, with global efforts aimed at reducing dependency on the Chinese market. New Zealand’s sheep meat prices are unlikely to rise soon in […]