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Crisis for Farmers Following Live Sheep Export Ban

TL;DR: The federal ban on live sheep exports severely impacts Victorian farmers, showing a disconnect with agricultural practices and threatening food security and farmer livelihoods. Sudden Change The federal Labor government’s recent decision to ban live sheep sea exports has sparked intense concern among Victorian farmers. The Victoria Farmers Federation (VFF) claims the move shows […]

Stability in Australian Meat Exports Amid Global Shifts

TL;DR: Australian beef exports surged in April 2023, diversifying significantly despite a decline to China. Sheepmeat also hit record highs, with the MENA region becoming a leading mutton market. Beef Exports Surge April 2023 saw Australian beef exports jump 46%, reaching 113,431 tonnes. This volume marks the highest for April since 2015 and the second […]

Rising Demand for Australian Lamb in Overseas Markets

TL;DR: Demand for Australian lamb in the US has significantly increased, boosting prices. Despite general market softening, strong overseas demand supports robust pricing, positioning Australian lamb well in global markets for the foreseeable future. Strong Uptake in the US Since December, the American appetite for Australian lamb has surged impressively. Just before Christmas, prices for […]

Significant Reduction in GHG Emissions in the Australian Red Meat Industry

TL;DR: The Australian red meat industry has cut its GHG emissions by 78% since 2005, driven by improved land use and regrowth. The sector continues to innovate towards carbon neutrality by 2030, supported by significant investments in sustainability research and practices. Impressive Decline Since 2005 Recent research conducted by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and […]

Understanding the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI)

TL;DR: The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) tracks young cattle prices across key Australian regions, reflecting market dynamics influenced by processors, restockers, and feeders, with noticeable seasonal and regional variations in buying patterns. What is the EYCI? The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator, commonly known as EYCI, measures young cattle prices across Queensland, New South Wales, […]

Weekly Market Wrap: Cattle and Sheep

TL;DR: This week, cattle markets showed mixed results, while sheep indicators increased due to lot feeder and restocker activity. Slaughter numbers dropped significantly due to the ANZAC holiday but are expected to normalise next week. Cattle Market Overview The cattle market mostly showed positive trends this week, although some indicators noted a slight decline. The […]

Controlling the Climate Narrative: Challenges for the Beef Industry

TL;DR: Covering Climate Now trains journalists to preemptively counter misinformation, affecting beef industry coverage. Critics argue this method overlooks important scientific nuances and fosters bias, complicating public understanding of the beef industry’s environmental impact and climate change discussions. Preemptive Tactics in Media Covering Climate Now, an organisation aimed at improving climate coverage, recently conducted a […]

CERES Tag: Enhancing Compliance with EU Deforestation Laws

TL;DR: CERES Tag technology aids livestock producers in complying with EU deforestation laws and reducing Scope 3 emissions, enhancing sustainability and market competitiveness. Introduction to CERES Tag Technology CERES Tag technology significantly helps livestock producers meet the European Union’s stringent deforestation supply chain laws and Scope 3 emissions reporting requirements. This advancement boosts overall sustainability […]

The Road Ahead for Australian Beef in China

TL;DR: Australia’s beef exports to China face challenges due to trade tensions and technical issues. China’s diversification of import sources adds pressure. Economic coercion tactics hint at political motives. Despite initial concerns, Australia’s overall agricultural exports show resilience. Navigating China’s complex trade environment requires strategic adjustments for continued market access. Expanding Demand Amid Trade Tensions […]

Dynamics in Lamb Prices: Light vs. Heavy

TL;DR: The gap between light and heavy lamb prices has widened, with heavy lambs favoured due to U.S. export demands and economic strategies affecting local and global market trends. In the recent market observations, the National Light Lamb Indicator has averaged at a notable 30¢ below the National Heavy Lamb Indicator over the past five […]