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Crisis for Farmers Following Live Sheep Export Ban

TL;DR: The federal ban on live sheep exports severely impacts Victorian farmers, showing a disconnect with agricultural practices and threatening food security and farmer livelihoods.

Sudden Change

The federal Labor government’s recent decision to ban live sheep sea exports has sparked intense concern among Victorian farmers. The Victoria Farmers Federation (VFF) claims the move shows a lack of understanding of agricultural dynamics.

Industry Shock

VFF President Emma Germano emphasised that the impact of this decision is profound. “It couldn’t come at a worse time,” she noted, referencing the severe drought conditions already impacting Western Australian farmers. The decision has not only affected current operations but also jeopardised the survival of generational farming families.

Broad Repercussions

Germano criticised the government’s disregard for the established animal welfare standards set by Australian farmers, who are recognized globally for their practices. “This isn’t about animal welfare,” she stated, pointing out the disconnect between real farmer practices and governmental actions influenced by a minority of activists.

Economic and Emotional Strain

The ban is expected to exacerbate the already tense food security situation. Germano expressed dismay at the government’s timing, as global food security concerns are rising. “Shutting down a vital industry affects not just the farmers but the entire country’s agricultural confidence,” she added.

Call for Understanding

Germano called for leadership that recognizes the critical role of agriculture in global food supply and the national economy. “Decisions like these have widespread and severe effects,” she concluded, urging for a more informed approach to policy-making that considers the real-world impact on farmers and their communities.