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Roma Saleyard Report 21 Nov 2023: Positive Market Trends

Australian Cattle herd

At the Roma Saleyard, a total of 2,575 cattle were yarded, marking a decrease of 1,481 from the previous sale. Despite the light showers, the market demonstrated an encouraging trend, with improvements noted in most cattle descriptions.

Beef Market Dynamics

In the beef sector, light weight yearling steers weighing under 200kg fetched up to 282c/kg. Those under 280kg reached a high of 356c, averaging at 314c/kg. Steers in the under 330kg category averaged 311c, peaking at 356c/kg. The medium weight steers, under 400kg, topped at 338c/kg, while those over 400kg reached 267c, averaging 263c/kg.

For yearling heifers, those under 200kg were priced between 200c and 280c, averaging 257c/kg. Heifers under 280kg hit a high of 290c, with an average of 264c/kg. The under 330kg category made up to 270c, averaging 253c/kg, while medium weight heifers under 400kg averaged 227c, peaking at 240c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers over 400kg were sold between 191c and 210c/kg.

Adult Cattle and Bulls

Manufacturing bullocks ranged from 140c to 245c/kg, averaging at 220c/kg. Grown steers weighing 400 to 500kg made up to 242c, while those between 500 to 600kg also sold for 242c/kg. Steers over 600kg were priced from 240c, with grain-assisted bullocks reaching up to 267c/kg.

In the cow market, the 2 score cows weighing 400 to 520kg were sold between 120c to 193c, averaging 176c/kg. The 3 score cows over 520kg reached a high of 220c, averaging 205c/kg.

Lastly, in the bull sector, light weight bulls under 450kg were sold up to 300c, and the best of the heavy weight bulls were sold for up to 235c, averaging 219c/kg.


The market at Roma Saleyard showed a robust improvement, with most categories of cattle fetching higher prices. The presence of regular processors was noted, particularly in the transactions of better-finished bullocks and heavy heifers, indicating a steady demand in the market. Despite the reduction in total yarding, the market remained firm to slightly stronger, particularly for cows.