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Tamworth Saleyard Report 20th Nov 2023: Cattle Market Trends

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In the latest sale at the Tamworth Saleyard, the total number of cattle yarded was 850, a significant decrease of 750 from the previous sale. This reduction in numbers is largely attributed to the recent rainfall, which reduced the availability of cattle for sale by almost half.

The majority of cattle available were young, accompanied by a reasonable number of cows. Notably, the sale lacked a substantial presence of well-finished grown steers and cows. The quality of the young cattle ranged from fair to good, and there was noticeable variation in the condition of the cattle penned, with some particularly good cows and young cattle on offer.

All the usual buyers were present, though not all regular orders were fulfilled. This suggests a slight change in buying patterns or possibly a shift in market demand.

In terms of market trends, there was strong demand from restockers and feedlots. Light-weight yearling steers generally sold at higher prices, although there were some fluctuations in price based on breed and quality, particularly noticeable in the absence of the large line from the previous week. Medium and heavy-weight yearling steers were in high demand and sold at higher prices, with competition from feedlots driving up the prices. Specifically, medium weights were firm to 16c/kg dearer, while heavy weights saw increases up to 35c, with weight being a more significant factor than breed in pricing.

Yearling heifers also attracted keen interest from both restockers and feedlots, with price gains exceeding those of the steers. Well-finished trade cattle also experienced a strong improvement in price.

However, there were too few heavy grown steers and well-finished heifers to establish a definitive market trend. While the cow market showed trends of being firm to slightly dearer, this trend did not extend to the bull market.

In conclusion, the Tamworth Saleyard experienced a notable decrease in cattle numbers due to recent rains, with young cattle and cows predominating the sale. Market trends indicated strong demand and higher prices for yearling steers and heifers, particularly from feedlots and restockers, while the cow market remained steady. The limited availability of certain cattle categories, such as heavy grown steers, made it difficult to establish clear market trends for these groups.