Meat & Livestock News

Weekly Cattle and Sheep Market Update

TL;DR: Cattle prices slightly fell while cow prices rose last week in the UK. Sheep prices increased due to tight supply, with stable demand in retail and exports. Cattle Market Trends Last week, GB deadweight prime cattle prices fell slightly, dropping below the figures from the same week in 2023. The steer average decreased by […]

US Beef Trade Dynamics: Exports Decrease, Imports from Brazil and Australia Surge

TL;DR: US beef exports decline while imports from Brazil and Australia surge due to domestic production challenges and a strong US dollar affecting international competitiveness. Export Trends In the first two months of 2024, US beef exports decreased by 2.6%, continuing a downward trend from 2023. Notably, exports to major markets like Japan, South Korea, […]

US Beef Trade Dynamics: A Closer Look at 2024 Trends

TL;DR: US beef exports decreased while imports from Brazil and Australia surged, influenced by domestic production challenges and a strong US dollar enhancing the attractiveness of imports. Decline in Beef Exports US beef exports have faced a noticeable decline early in 2024, continuing a negative trend from the previous year. In February, exports decreased by […]

New Zealand Beef Excels in the International Market

TL;DR: Australian and Scottish buyers acquired top New Zealand beef and lamb genetics, with record prices achieved at sales near Christchurch and Manawatū, highlighting international demand for premium livestock. Australian Buyers Show Interest Australian buyers from four states successfully bid on 10 lots of Silverstream Charolais genetics. The sale took place this month near Christchurch. […]

Delays in USDA Meat Processing Grants

TL;DR: USDA grant delays impact meat processors amid declining livestock inventories and potential price hikes. Funding for Meat Processors US meat processors and equipment makers have experienced significant delays in receiving federal grants for plant upgrades and equipment purchases. These funds were meant to facilitate expansions and modernizations. Reasons for Delay The USDA’s March Cold […]

Delays in USDA Meat Processing Grants: An Explanation

TL;DR: USDA meat processing grants face delays due to an overwhelming number of applications and staffing shortages, affecting processors awaiting funds for upgrades and expansions. Funding Challenges The USDA has committed over $1 billion to support meat processors and equipment manufacturers looking to upgrade plants, purchase new equipment, and expand operations. This move aims to […]

Climate Change Commission Criticised for Overlooking Farm Realities

TL;DR: The Climate Change Commission is criticised for ignoring farming realities and not adapting its emissions reduction strategy to practical agricultural conditions and economic impacts. Farming Realities Overlooked The Climate Change Commission is facing criticism for ignoring the practical realities of farming and recent government policies. Federated Farmers president, Wayne Langford, highlighted that the Commission’s […]

Understanding India: A Key Task for Trade, Says Envoy

TL;DR: New Zealand’s Special Agricultural Trade Envoy, Hamish Marr, emphasises understanding India’s agricultural needs and culture as crucial for developing trade. He highlights the potential for mutual benefits through shared technology and practices in a recent 14-day trade mission. The First Steps in Trade New Zealand’s Special Agricultural Trade Envoy, Hamish Marr, emphasises the importance […]

Cattle and Cotton Reports Discontinued

TL;DR: NASS cancels July Cattle Report and other surveys due to budget constraints, sparking criticism from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. NASS Decision The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has announced the cancellation of the July Cattle Report. It will also cease the Cotton Objective Yield Survey and all County Estimates for Crops and Livestock […]

New Menu Launch at Shanghai Bistros

TL;DR: New Zealand launches a limited-time menu in Shanghai, featuring grass-fed meats to boost trade and familiarise Chinese consumers with premium beef and lamb products. Premium New Zealand Meats Take Centre Stage At premium Shanghai bistros, Alimentari chefs are featuring New Zealand grass-fed beef from Silver Fern Farms and Pure South lamb from Alliance Group. […]