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HerdDogg Secures $6 Million for Smart Ear Tags

TL;DR: HerdDogg raises $6 million for smart ear tags to improve cattle health, and efficiency, and reduce environmental impact through early disease detection.

New Investment

SEWARD, NEB. — HerdDogg, an animal-farming tech company, has raised $6 million in its latest funding round. The money will support its smart ear tags for cattle.

Advanced Monitoring

HerdDogg’s ear tags track cattle’s body temperature, movement, and acceleration in three directions. The system can spot diseases in cattle days before traditional methods using advanced data analysis.

Environmental Impact

The company believes early disease detection can lower methane emissions by reducing cattle deaths. HerdDogg estimates its ear tags could cut the number of beef cattle by 700,000, equal to 1.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Improving Efficiency

“Our goal is to better the lives of cattle farmers and their animals through continuous monitoring and early disease detection,” said Andrew Uden, CEO of HerdDogg. “This helps farmers make better decisions, use their resources well, and lower their environmental impact.”

Expansion Plans

In the last two months, HerdDogg has doubled the number of ear tags used in the US and Australia. They plan to expand to Canada soon.

Funding Support

The funding round was led by Serra Ventures and Wonder Fund North Dakota, with participation from Lever VC Fund II and others.