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Westfleisch Enhances Pet Food Portfolio with Strategic Acquisition of The Petfood Company GmbH


  • Westfleisch, Germany’s second-largest meat marketer, acquires The Pet Food Company GmbH to expand its pet food industry presence.
  • The acquisition aims to leverage high growth potential in premium pet food products and secure around 60 jobs by expanding production in Bocholt.
  • Westfleisch plans further investment in product diversification and value chain expansion, enhancing its pet food range with wet pet food offerings.

Westfleisch, a leading name in Germany’s meat marketing sector and ranked second in size, has officially announced its acquisition of The Petfood Company GmbH. This move marks a significant expansion of Westfleisch’s footprint in the pet food industry, aligning with its strategy to broaden its value chain and capitalise on the growing demand for premium pet food products.

Dr. Wilhelm Uffelmann, CEO of Westfleisch, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “This takeover represents a strategic step forward in expanding our value chain. The strong demand from our retail partners for premium products positions The Petfood Company for high growth potential, which we plan to fully realise together.”

Based in Bocholt, Germany, The Petfood Company specialises in producing private-label pet food products. Despite filing for insolvency at the end of 2023, the company has maintained its operations, sourcing raw materials from Westfleisch’s meat centres in Coesfeld and Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany.

Johannes Steinhoff, Westfleisch’s Chief Operating Officer, highlighted the strategic fit of The Petfood Company within Westfleisch’s portfolio, noting its strong position in the wet food sector and its state-of-the-art production facilities. “Leveraging our raw materials, experience, and network, along with synergies, we aim to enhance production in Bocholt, sustainably develop the facility, and secure approximately 60 jobs for the future,” Steinhoff explained.

The acquisition not only strengthens Westfleisch’s existing pet food product range, which includes dry chew products from its subsidiary Dog’s Nature GmbH, but also introduces wet pet food into its portfolio, responding to customer demand and diversifying its offerings.

With the integration of The Petfood Company, Westfleisch will now operate across 10 locations in northwest Germany. The company is committed to continuous investment in its product diversification and the expansion of its value chain, aiming to capitalise on opportunities arising from the consolidation of the German meat market.

Dr. Uffelmann concluded, “This successful takeover exemplifies our forward-looking strategy. We are keenly observing the opportunities within the German meat market’s consolidation and will seize them when they align with our strategic and operational goals.”