Meat & Livestock News

EU Short-Term Outlook: Beef and Sheepmeat Summary

TL;DR: EU beef and sheepmeat production declined in 2023, with further decreases expected in 2024. High prices persist, influenced by reduced imports and exports. Sheepmeat consumption also dropped due to low availability and continued high prices. Beef and Veal Trends In 2023, EU beef production saw a 3.9% decrease, influenced by structural changes in the beef […]

Danish Crown Announces Facility Closure

TL;DR: Danish Crown to close Ringsted plant, cutting 1,200 jobs, as part of a strategic shift to enhance processed pork production and efficiency in Europe. Strategic Reduction RANDERS, DENMARK—Danish Crown has decided to reduce its production facilities in Denmark, starting with the closure of the Ringsted plant in mid-September 2024. This move comes after several […]

EU’s Agricultural Strategy Report: Balancing Sustainability and Profit

The European Commission is set to receive a crucial report by the end of summer. It will explore ways to make European agriculture sustainable yet profitable, as stated by two EU officials in Washington this week. The Commission’s Initiative Launched on January 25 by Ursula von der Leyden, the European Commission’s president, the Strategic Dialogue […]

France Implements Ban on Meat-Related Terms for Plant-Based Products

TL;DR: In a significant policy shift, France has joined the ranks of countries setting clear boundaries for the marketing of plant-based products by banning the use of meat-specific terms for their promotion. The French Government’s recent decree outlines a list of prohibited words for plant-based items, including “steak,” “tendon,” “sirloin,” “sausage,” and even terms related […]

Ukraine’s Agricultural Sector Faces $6 Billion Loss in Machinery Due to Conflict

TL;DR: In a poignant display of the devastation wrought by the ongoing conflict, Ukraine has exhibited destroyed agricultural machinery at its border with Poland. This act serves to underscore the severe impact on the nation’s farming community, with over 181,000 units of machinery, including combines, tractors, and other essential equipment, valued at a staggering $5.8 […]

European Research Connects Reduced Antimicrobial Use in Animals to Lower Human Drug Resistance

TL;DR: A collaborative investigation by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the European Medicines Agency has highlighted the impact of decreasing antimicrobial drug use in food-producing animals on the resistance observed in humans. This study, detailed in the EFSA Journal, utilised data from EU-wide surveillance from […]

Is the Tide Starting to Turn on EU Climate Policies?

TL;DR: As election season unfolds across Europe, with the European Parliament elections set for May and many countries holding local elections, a significant question arises: Are we witnessing a shift in the European Union’s approach to climate policies, particularly those affecting agriculture? Dubbed the “greenest ever,” the current European Parliament has pushed for ambitious climate […]

EU Reverses Pesticide Reduction Plan Amid Farmer Protests

TL;DR: In a significant turn of events, the European Commission has backed down from its ambitious plan to cut pesticide use by half by 2030 across its 27 Member States. This decision came in the wake of strong opposition from farmers across the European Union, who argued that the proposed Sustainable Use Regulation (SUR), part […]

European Commission Challenges Italy’s Cultivated Meat Ban

TL;DR: The European Commission has concluded its examination of Italy’s legislation that prohibits the production and marketing of cultivated meat, as well as the use of “meaty” descriptors for plant-based alternatives. The Commission determined that by enacting this law, Italy has contravened European Union guidelines. According to the Commission, Italy implemented the law without providing […]