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Wellness: A New Arena for Red Meat

TL;DR: Research explores the wellness benefits of red meat, revealing opportunities for tailored products and industry growth.

AgResearch and Meat & Livestock Australia are exploring how red meat affects wellness.

In the global meat market, the US and Australia are giants. Their people eat a lot of red meat.

A survey showed most people in these countries would buy red meat to feel better and even pay more for these benefits.

Carolina Realini of AgResearch found that Americans and Australians value different wellness aspects from red meat.

Americans are keen on boosting brain function and mood. Australians focus on joint and gut health.

Red meat’s benefits, like in beef and lamb, are known, but more proof is needed for its wellness impacts.

New Zealand’s red meat producers are seeking new opportunities amid challenges.

The survey hints at a chance to make products tailored to wellness needs, which could help producers stand out.

Realini stresses the need for solid evidence to support health claims about red meat, vital for the industry’s credibility and policy support.