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Wagga & Tamworth Cattle Sales Report – 15 Jan 2024

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Wagga Cattle Sale Report – 15 Jan 2024

The Wagga Cattle Sale on January 15, 2024, showcased a remarkable total yarding of 4010, an increase of 1910 from the last sale. This larger yarding was dominated by feedlots, significantly influencing cattle prices.

Bullocks, particularly those from river flats or grain assisted, saw a significant price jump of 50c, ranging from 258c to 314c/kg. This trend contributed to an overall market surge of 15c to 35c/kg. Heavy steers destined for processors were another focal point, with a substantial 35c improvement, averaging 291c/kg. Feed steers weighing between 500 and 600kg gained 30c, averaging at 300c/kg, and heavy heifers also saw a remarkable increase, jumping 30c to a top of 306c/kg.

Feeder steers across all weight categories experienced gains of 20c to 25c. Lighter weights (330 to 400kg) commanded prices from 300c to 370c/kg. Despite being scarce, trade steers and heifers achieved solid sales, with steers making between 320c and 335c/kg, and heifers recording a 7c increase, trading from 266c to 310c/kg. Feed heifers were in high demand, with prices jumping 23c and medium weights selling from 255c to 301c/kg. The cow market also saw robust demand, with lighter weight cows experiencing a 30c lift, topping at an impressive 270c/kg, and heavy cows improving by 20c, topping at 276c/kg.

Tamworth Cattle Sale Report – 15 Jan 2024

The Tamworth Cattle Sale, on the same day, witnessed a total yarding of 1610, an increase of 995 from the previous sale. This sale was characterized by a sharp increase in numbers as producers ramped up their marketing efforts.

Young cattle and cows were well-supplied, with the majority of young cattle falling into the medium and heavy weight classes. The quality and condition of the offering were generally good, with few secondary cattle. A full field of buyers was in attendance, maintaining strong demand throughout the sale.

Light weight steers suitable for restockers were cheaper, influenced by weight and quality. However, medium and heavy weights attracted keen interest, with market trends showing improvements of up to 20c/kg. Heavy weight steers, irrespective of breed, as long as the quality was maintained, saw strong export competition, leading to similar price improvements. Light weight

yearling heifers to restockers experienced strong gains under keen demand, while medium and heavy weights to feed also saw significant interest, selling to a considerably dearer market trend.

Heavy grown steers destined for feed exhibited a dearer trend, and a limited supply suitable for processors also fetched higher prices. Well-finished grown heifers processed saw dearer trends with some showing quality-related strong improvements. The cow market, encompassing all descriptions, attracted robust competition, with well-finished medium and heavy weights gaining up to 8c/kg. Bulls, however, saw a varied market due to a large offering, leading to some negative price changes.


The January 15, 2024 cattle sales at Wagga and Tamworth highlighted a vibrant and fluctuating market. Wagga’s sale was notable for its significant increase in total yarding and dominant feedlot purchases, leading to marked price surges across various cattle categories. Tamworth’s sale, on the other hand, demonstrated strong demand in young cattle and cows, with notable trends in heavy steers and heifers. Both markets reflected the dynamic nature of the cattle industry, with varying factors such as weight, quality, and demand influencing the pricing trends.