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Wagga Sale Report 13 Nov 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

Australian cattle in a yard

In a recent development at the Wagga cattle sale, there was a significant increase in the number of cattle presented for sale. The quality of the cattle was notably high, particularly in the category of finished cattle across various trade sectors.

A key observation was the strong demand for secondary and well-finished cattle. This demand was partly driven by the active participation of a major supermarket, particularly in the higher-end trade. The market dynamics also revealed an increase in orders from feedlots, specifically for medium-weight heifers and steers. This led to heightened competition between these orders and processors.

In terms of buyer interest, major feedlot buyers displayed a heightened level of engagement, with a noticeable increase in competition for well-bred steers. Domestic processors maintained a consistent interest, particularly in steers weighing between 400 to 500kg.

Price trends in the market showed interesting patterns. Feeder steers, especially those in the medium weight category, saw a price increase of 16c/kg, averaging at 228c/kg. Light-weight feed steers, weighing between 330 to 400kg, experienced a 7c/kg increase, averaging at 217c/kg. Light-weight feeder heifers in the same weight range saw a more significant price gain of 21c/kg, averaging at 196c/kg. Medium-weight feeder heifers were in high demand, with top prices reaching 199c/kg. Trade heifers, however, experienced fluctuating demand, particularly in the 400 to 500kg category, where prices improved by 23c, averaging at 187c/kg. Trade steers, on the other hand, showed erratic price trends, with well-covered pens fetching prices ranging from 183 to 229c/kg.

In the export market, the bidding remained solid, particularly for younger, well-finished cattle. However, aged steers saw a decrease in interest, leading to a price drop. Heavy steers also witnessed a decline in price stability, with a 15c drop, averaging at 194c/kg. Bullocks experienced a slight decrease in price, averaging a 3c drop, with prices ranging from 194 to 232c/kg.

The quality of cows presented was excellent, with a larger number of heavier types. Prices for heavy cows remained mostly stable, averaging at 184c/kg. Leaner grades of cows fetched prices ranging from 128 to 162c/kg.

This report from the Wagga cattle sale provides a clear insight into the current trends and dynamics of the cattle market, reflecting both the quality of livestock available and the varying demands of buyers across different categories.