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Wagga and Tamworth Cattle Sale Report 8th Jan 2024: New Year’s Cattle Market

graph showing only the total yarding comparison between the Wagga and Tamworth saleyards 8th Jan 2024

Wagga Saleyard Report: Positive Trends Amid Limited Buyer Options

At Wagga’s new year sale, a total of 2,100 cattle were yarded, showing an increase of 100 from the previous sale. This included 475 cows. Notably, domestic processors faced a scarcity of suitable cattle, directing the sale’s focus towards feedlots. Feedlots demonstrated a strong demand for both steers and heifers, with some stock heading to Queensland.

Feeder steers and heifers experienced a price hike of 10c to 20c/kg. Specifically, feeder heifers weighing between 400 and 500kg were priced from 256c to 288c/kg, and medium-weight steers ranged from 237c to 331c/kg. Trade heifers, however, fetched between 266c and 276c/kg.

Conversely, heavy steers and bullocks meant for processors saw a price drop of 20c, with sales ranging from 232c to 272c/kg. However, heavy heifers attracted increased competition, improving by 22c and selling between 232c to 277c/kg.

Cow prices climbed due to impending wet weather concerns. Heavy cows increased by 10c/kg, peaking at 254c/kg. Leaner cows marked a significant increase of 30c/kg, with prices spanning 211c to 241c/kg.

Tamworth Saleyard Report: Mixed Quality Offering with Strong Buyer Presence

At Tamworth, the total yarning drastically reduced to 615, a decrease of 1,945 from the previous sale. The yarding mainly comprised young cattle and cows, with a modest number of heavy grown steers and heifers. The sale saw a mixed quality offering, with the largest lot being 16 head.

The young cattle market performed well, with light weight steers attracting keen interest from restockers, particularly the weaner portion. Medium and heavy weight feeder steers saw minimal changes, influenced by quality and breed. Heavy trade steers and heifers and local trade heifer yearlings witnessed dearer trends. The feeder heifers market remained stable, with better quality lines being in high demand.

Export cattle sold at higher rates due to strong processor competition. Well-finished heavy grown steers and heifers saw notable improvements. The cow market also flourished, with well-finished heavy weight cows selling up to 9c/kg dearer.

Summary: Diverse Trends in Wagga and Tamworth Saleyards

The first sales of the year at Wagga and Tamworth Saleyards revealed diverse market dynamics. While Wagga experienced a surge in feeder cattle prices and a decrease in heavy steer and bullock prices, Tamworth witnessed strong demand across all categories, despite a significant reduction in total yarding. These varying trends reflect the complex nature of the cattle market at the outset of the new year.