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V&V Walsh, a Western Australian Livestock Processor, Secures $40 Million Deal with Chinese Hospitality Giant

In a significant boost to the Australian agricultural sector, Western Australian livestock processor V&V Walsh has announced a $40 million trading partnership with China’s High Hope Group. This memorandum of understanding aims to enhance the supply of premium Western Australian grain-fed beef, along with lamb and mutton, to the Chinese market.

The agreement with High Hope Fresh Food division, based in Jiangsu, grants V&V Walsh access to an extensive cold storage and logistics network. It also opens doors to a prime consumer base through the Group’s luxury Jinling Hotel chain, which boasts 118 high-end hotels and resorts across China, including the prestigious Jinling Hotel Asia Pacific Tower in Jiangsu province.

As part of the memorandum, V&V Walsh commits to regularly supplying High Hope with 150-200-day grain-fed beef. The initial shipments are already being prepared, with Angus steers currently being fed at two major Western Australian feedlots. Additionally, the partnership will explore opportunities to introduce new lamb and mutton dishes within the Jinling Hotel chain, further expanding export prospects.

Brent Dancer, General Manager of V&V Walsh, expressed optimism about the partnership following the official signing in China. Highlighting the extensive product testing conducted by High Hope prior to the agreement, Dancer is confident in the partnership’s potential to significantly boost the market for premium Western Australian beef and open new avenues for lamb and mutton exports.

The signing ceremony was celebrated with a gala dinner in China, attended by over 120 guests, including chefs and managers from the Jinling Hotel chain and industry dignitaries.

The event featured a showcase of Australian fresh produce, including V&V Walsh’s beef and lamb, alongside other Australian delicacies like abalone, fish, and tiger prawns, provided by V&V Walsh’s parent company, Craig Mostyn.

This partnership not only promises a steady demand for V&V Walsh’s products but also allows the company’s feedlot suppliers to plan their feed programs with greater certainty.

With High Hope committed to purchasing every cut from the carcasses processed at V&V Walsh, the deal marks a significant milestone in the relationship between Australian producers and the Chinese hospitality industry.