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Victorian Farmers Stand Against New Biosecurity Levy


  • The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) opposes the upcoming Biosecurity Protection Levy, set for implementation on 1 July, despite recent amendments by Agriculture Minister Murray Watt.
  • Farmers demand transparency on how their contributions to the levy will be used to directly improve biosecurity measures on farms.
  • The VFF advocates for a funding model that places the financial responsibility on importers who pose biosecurity risks, rather than on farmers who already invest in on-farm biosecurity practices.

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) continues to voice strong opposition against the proposed Biosecurity Protection Levy, slated to commence on 1 July this year.

Despite recent adjustments announced by Murray Watt, the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the VFF argues that the changes do not adequately address the concerns of the agricultural community. The federation supports the principle of robust biosecurity but stresses the importance of ensuring that farmers’ contributions are spent effectively and transparently.

Farmers are particularly concerned about the additional financial burden the levy imposes and the absence of clear information regarding the allocation of levy funds towards tangible biosecurity enhancements on farms.

The VFF’s stance highlights the need for a levy system that targets importers responsible for biosecurity threats, rather than penalising the farming community, which already contributes significantly through existing levies and stringent on-farm biosecurity measures.

As the debate over the biosecurity levy continues, the VFF remains steadfast in its commitment to representing Victorian farmers. The federation is calling for a biosecurity funding model that is transparent, and equitable, and shifts the financial responsibility towards those introducing biosecurity risks, thereby acknowledging the agricultural sector’s vital role in preserving Australia’s biosecurity standards.