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UK Pork Offal Market Expands into Mexico

Portrait of professional butcher in factory cold storage holding arms crossed with pig carcass in the background.

The UK pork industry has received a significant boost with the recent announcement that the Mexican market has opened its doors to British pork offal. This development comes two years after Mexico first allowed imports of British pork, marking a continued expansion in international trade relations.

Mexico’s Growing Pork Demand

Mexico ranks as one of the world’s largest pork importers. Pork is the second most consumed meat in the country, and its consumption is expected to rise over the next decade. This increase is likely to lead to higher domestic production and more imports. From 2017 to 2022, Mexico’s pork consumption grew by 4.7% annually, highlighting a gap between domestic production and consumption needs.

Industry and Government Collaboration

Dr Phil Hadley, AHDB Director of International Trade Development, expressed enthusiasm about this opportunity for the UK pork sector. He emphasised that the market expansion in Mexico offers further opportunities for the UK’s high-quality pork products and production standards.

This achievement is the result of collaborative efforts between the industry and the government, including a commercial inward mission last year where Mexican buyers met with UK farmers and processors.

The new approval will initially focus on a range of offal products, with a broader audit visit planned for the summer. AHDB’s export development activities, highly valued by levy payers, continue to play a crucial role in opening new markets for the sector.

Government Statements on Market Expansion

Food and Farming Minister Mark Spencer highlighted the benefits of this agreement, noting that it allows UK pork producers to access another lucrative market for products not widely consumed in the UK. He stressed the long-term commitment to opening new international markets, enabling pig farmers to profit from all parts of their animals.

Minister for Trade Policy Greg Hands also commented on the development, stating that it builds on the access secured for British pork in Mexico two years ago. He emphasised the government’s ongoing efforts to break down trade barriers and create opportunities for British businesses globally.

Looking Ahead

This expansion into the Mexican market for pork offal is a positive step for the UK’s pork industry, reflecting the growing global demand for British agri-food products. Further details about export opportunities for UK red meat and dairy in specific regions can be found in AHDB’s analysis ‘Prospects for UK agri-food exports’.