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Weekly Cattle and Sheep Market Overview

TL;DR: The GB cattle and sheep markets remained stable with slight variations. While cattle prices were steady, sheep prices dipped slightly despite lower supply. Strong retail demand and strategic promotions buoyed the market, with upcoming religious festivals expected to influence future demand and pricing. Cattle Market Stability In the week ending 27 April, the GB […]

Trends in Beef and Lamb Trade: Seasonal Demands and Export Shifts

TL;DR:  In February, sheep meat imports and beef exports from the UK saw significant changes. The Southern Hemisphere capitalised on competitive pricing, while promotional efforts aimed to boost lamb consumption in the EU and expand beef markets in Hong Kong. Sheep Meat Imports Surge In February, total sheep meat imports soared to 5,250 tonnes, a […]

Beef and Fertiliser Prices: A Detailed Overview

TL;DR: Rising beef prices counteract high fertiliser costs, restoring balance amidst fluctuating market conditions. Farmers remain cautious with fertiliser usage due to sustained high input costs. Long-Term Trends Over the past five years, there has been a noticeable increase in fertiliser prices. This rise was particularly sharp from mid-2021 due to the European energy crisis, […]

Weekly Cattle and Sheep Market Overview

TL;DR: GB cattle prices slightly decreased, except for young bulls, while sheep prices surged significantly. Cattle and sheep slaughter rates increased, with promotional activities planned for the upcoming Great British Beef Week. Cattle Trends GB deadweight prime cattle prices fell slightly last week, ending 13 April. The all-prime average was 485.4p/kg, down by 0.8p, sitting […]

2024 Lamb Outlook: Production Update

TL;DR: The 2024 lamb market faces low breeding numbers and high demand, leading to a slight decrease in production despite increased slaughters, amidst challenging weather conditions. Market Situation The domestic sheep market faces a perfect storm: low supplies and high consumer demand. These factors drive robust prices. Recently updated data has led to new predictions […]

UK Pig Meat Production: Q1 2024 Analysis

Overview of Current Trends The UK pork industry experienced some stability in the first three months of 2024, despite lower slaughter numbers and flat pig prices. Production and Slaughter Figures According to the latest figures from Defra, UK pig meat production totalled 227,800 tonnes in Q1 2024. This marks a 2.5% decrease from the same […]

Independent Assessment of Beef & Lamb Production Standards

Introduction to the Reports An independent series of reports is set to outline the current and future positions of the English Beef & Lamb sector. By comparing voluntary assurance standards and regulatory requirements, these documents aim to guide strategic industry decisions. Initial Findings and Future Releases The initial report focuses on a comparison between English […]

Weekly Cattle and Sheep Market Update

TL;DR: Cattle prices slightly fell while cow prices rose last week in the UK. Sheep prices increased due to tight supply, with stable demand in retail and exports. Cattle Market Trends Last week, GB deadweight prime cattle prices fell slightly, dropping below the figures from the same week in 2023. The steer average decreased by […]

Dorset Sheep: Revolutionising Carcase Traits

TL;DR: Dorset sheep breeders have enhanced lamb carcass traits, leading to faster growth and higher market value, by adopting direct measures and genetic analysis. For half a century, breeders of Poll Dorset and Dorset Horn sheep have aimed to increase the market value of their lambs. This goal has led to significant improvements in traits […]

Weekly Cattle and Sheep Market Summary

TL;DR: Cattle prices slightly fell, and sheep prices dropped but remained high year-on-year. Easter and weather affect slaughter; the EU-NZ trade agreement could impact trade. Cattle Overview: This week, prime cattle prices faced a slight decrease. The GB all-prime average fell by 2p to 487.7p/kg. These prices match those from the same period last year. […]