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Independent Assessment of Beef & Lamb Production Standards

Introduction to the Reports

An independent series of reports is set to outline the current and future positions of the English Beef & Lamb sector. By comparing voluntary assurance standards and regulatory requirements, these documents aim to guide strategic industry decisions.

Initial Findings and Future Releases

The initial report focuses on a comparison between English standards and those in Australia and New Zealand. Throughout 2024, three additional reports will analyse standards in other key global regions, alongside a dedicated report on Cereals & Oilseeds due in the summer.

Statements from Industry Leaders

Will Jackson, AHDB Divisional Director (Engagement), emphasised the significance:

“This series of reports provides a comprehensive benchmark against our main competitors. It forms the basis for critical discussions about market access and pricing strategies within our sector.”

He added:

“By year’s end, we’ll have substantial data to support decisions across the supply chain.”

Purpose and Impact of the Reports

These reports are crucial for evaluating the effects of standards on farmgate returns and for involving the supply chain in future standards development. They also aim to leverage higher standards to achieve better market access and pricing.

Independent Expert Reviews

The reports are vetted by industry experts to ensure unbiased and accurate findings. The Beef & Lamb report was conducted by Birnie Consultancy and reviewed by:

  • Jude Capper – Livestock Sustainability Consultant
  • Nigel Scollan – Queens University
  • Mandy Lucas – Farm Animal Welfare Consultant
  • Jonathan Statham – Veterinary Surgeon
  • Nicholas Saphir, AHDB Board Chairman, noted:

“The evidence from these reports will help tailor our programmes to support the industry effectively, particularly in these challenging times.”

Report Release Schedule

The timeline for the beef and lamb reports is as follows:

  1. April 2024: Standards in Australia and New Zealand
  2. July 2024: Standards in a key EU country
  3. September 2024: Standards in North America
  4. November 2024: Standards in South America (Brazil)

Additionally, the summer report will detail cereal assurance and UK imports.

The findings from these independent reports will be instrumental in shaping the future strategies of the Beef & Lamb sectors, ensuring sustainability and competitiveness on a global scale.