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Turkey Firmly Opposes Cultivated Meat, Prioritises Traditional Agriculture

Turkey’s stance on alternative meat was made clear by Agriculture and Forestry Minister Ibrahim Yumakli at the recent FAO National Food Codex Commission meeting. Addressing speculations about the government’s stance on cultivated meat, Yumakli firmly stated that such products have never been considered for approval in Turkey’s agricultural agenda.

According to Turkish Agri News, Yumakli emphatically declared, “Artificial meat has never been on the agenda of our ministry and never will be. There is no talk of allowing the production of artificial meat. There will not be any legislative work on this issue.” This statement dispels any rumours about the Turkish administration considering cultivated meat for domestic production and consumption.

Instead, the focus of the ministry remains steadfast on enhancing traditional agriculture and improving food safety regulations within the country. Recent initiatives include the prohibition of certain food dyes, the implementation of stringent labelling requirements, and efforts to reduce salt content in various common food products.

Yumakli’s comments reflect Turkey’s commitment to conventional agricultural practices and its cautious approach towards emerging food technologies like artificial meat.