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Tamworth Saleyard Report 4th Dec 2023

Robust Activity Ahead of Christmas Break

Australian Beef ready for saleyards

In the latest cattle sale at Tamworth Saleyard, a significant increase in numbers was observed, with the total yarding reaching 1,955, an increase of 805 from the previous sale. This surge comes as the saleyard prepares for a month-long hiatus over the Christmas period.

The cattle on offer predominantly consisted of medium and heavy weight young cattle, supplemented by a smaller number of light weights. In contrast, there was a noticeable decrease in the number of grown cattle and cows presented for sale. Overall, the quality of cattle ranged from fair to good.

A full contingent of buyers was present, buoyed by the return of a processor to the market. This contributed to a robust demand across various categories. Notably, restockers showed renewed vigour, likely spurred by recent rainfall.

In terms of pricing trends, light weight steers experienced a notable increase, with some achieving significant gains. Medium and heavy weight feeder steers also followed this upward trend, with improvements noted up to 20p/kg. Light weight yearling heifers to restockers were particularly sought after, fetching significantly higher prices. However, medium weight feeder heifers saw a mixed response, with prices ranging from firm to slightly cheaper, influenced by breed and quality factors. Heavy yearling heifers, on the other hand, sold at higher prices.

The sale also highlighted a strong demand for well-finished heavy grown steers with 2 or more teeth, which sold at higher prices to processors. Feeder steers over 500kg with 2 or more teeth mirrored this trend. Similarly, well-finished grown heifers attracted higher prices.

In the cow category, those in plain condition saw little change in price, primarily influenced by quality. However, well-finished heavy weight cows were in high demand, especially from processors, leading to an increase in prices by as much as 9p/kg.

This saleyard report from Tamworth reflects a dynamic market, with varying trends across different cattle categories as the industry heads into the festive season break.