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Success in Policy Advocacy

TL;DR: Federated Farmers report successful policy changes, improving support and revising regulations for New Zealand’s farmers.

Federated Farmers are celebrating progress in policy changes with the new Government. Six months post-election, an update revealed a positive shift on numerous policy fronts crucial for restoring confidence among farmers.

Significant achievements include adjustments to nine out of twelve key policy areas. These range from increased support for farmers to revising unfeasible regulations. Notably, methane targets are under review, and problematic freshwater rules and the Resource Management Act are being rewritten. Additionally, the controversial ‘Ute Tax’ has been abolished, and rules on Significant Natural Areas (SNAs) are on hold, promoting investments in water storage.

Langford noted, “That’s quite a turnaround in six months. We’ve seen considerable movement on nine policies, with promising developments on two more.” Also, there is substantial backing for an independent inquiry into rural banking and promoting wool benefits.

Farmers still face challenges, but Federated Farmers are committed to alleviating these pressures. “We’re doing everything we can to reduce unnecessary costs,” Langford assured.