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Silver Fern Farms Optimistic About Premium Market Growth and Sustainability Focus

At a series of roadshows held late last year, Peter Robinson, the General Manager of Sales at Silver Fern Farms (SFF), shared an optimistic outlook with the company’s suppliers. He highlighted the growing strength and recognition of SFF’s brand, particularly in the premium market segment.

Robinson noted a significant development in export dynamics. He pointed out that while US export volumes have decreased by approximately 19% compared to the previous year, this has opened up opportunities in other markets.

For instance, Japan has shown increased interest as US volumes decline. He anticipates a resurgence in demand for imported beef in the US as their domestic inventory stabilises.

A key focus of Robinson’s presentation was the success of SFF’s premium brands. He demonstrated, using a graph, how these brands have maintained their retail value despite fluctuations in the broader commodity market. This resilience, he suggested, is a testament to the company’s effective brand-building strategies and the loyalty they have cultivated among consumers.

Robinson also delved into the company’s efforts in understanding consumer preferences across various markets. A notable finding from their consumer insight surveys is that 95% of respondents still consume red meat. This includes millennials and Generation Z, who, contrary to some beliefs, are eating red meat at least once a week, more frequently than Generation X and Baby Boomers.

However, he acknowledged that younger generations are more discerning and selective in their choices, with a strong inclination towards ethical and sustainable options. Over half of the customers, he mentioned, are actively seeking more ethical and sustainable red meat choices.

This growing trend underpins SFF’s commitment to its ‘Nature Positive’ track, aiming to align with the evolving consumer consciousness towards sustainability and ethical practices in food consumption.

In summary, Robinson’s message was one of confidence in SFF’s long-term, market-led strategy, underpinned by a strong brand presence, adaptability to changing market dynamics, and a deep understanding of consumer trends towards sustainability and ethical consumption.