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Sheep Consume Medicinal Cannabis in Thessaly, Greece

In the semi-flooded plains of Thessaly, a group of sheep inadvertently entered a greenhouse cultivating medicinal cannabis and consumed approximately 100 kilograms of the plant. This incident occurred near the town of Almyros, as reported by

Following their unexpected feast, the sheep exhibited unusual behaviour, leading the shepherd to deduce that they had consumed a significant portion of the cannabis crop. The greenhouse owner, already grappling with damages from Storm Daniel, expressed his dismay at the situation. He remarked, “After the heatwave and floods, which severely impacted our production, the sheep have now consumed what little remained.”

The cultivation of pharmaceutical cannabis has seen a surge in Greece. Many farmers, initially hesitant, have recognised its potential benefits. Notably, in January 2023, Greece inaugurated its first medicinal cannabis production plant at Examilia, near Corinth. This venture by Tikun Europe, an offshoot of Israel’s Tikun Olam, received a commendation from the then-Greek Development & Investments Minister, Adonis Georgiadis. He highlighted the plant’s potential to cater to major European markets.

However, the backdrop to this incident is the severe flooding that has affected central Greece, causing significant losses to livestock and agriculture. Over 100,000 animals perished in the floods, with the mayor of Tyrnavos, Yiannis Kokouras, emphasising the urgent need for animal feed assistance. The floods have been particularly devastating for Thessaly, known as Greece’s bread-basket, resulting in the death of 17 individuals and extensive damage to crops, including an estimated 70% of the region’s cotton crop.