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Roma Store Cattle Sale: Spirited Trade on 16 Jan 2024

An aerial view of the Roma Store Cattle Sale, depicting a bustling saleyard filled with a variety of cattle. The image showcases numerous cattle pens

Roma Store Cattle Sale Witnesses a Vibrant Market with Increased Yarding

On the 16th of January 2024, the Roma Store Cattle Sale saw a notable increase in cattle numbers, with a total yarding of 6,317, a significant rise of 3,604 from the previous sale. The saleyard buzzed with activity, drawing cattle from New South Wales and a wide range of the usual supply areas. This surge in numbers underscores the dynamic nature of the market, highlighting both the breadth of supply regions and the robust demand from processors, feedlotters, backgrounders, and an additional export buyer, particularly in the cow market.

The sale was marked by competitive pricing across various categories. Light weight yearling steers under 200kg, destined for the paddock, ranged from 321c to 464c, averaging at 441c/kg. The 200 to 280kg yearling steers also returning to the paddock commanded a top price of 468c, with an average of 403c/kg. A noteworthy improvement was seen in yearling steers weighing 280 to 330kg, fetching up to 446c/kg. The heavier categories, 330 to 400kg and 400 to 480kg yearling steers, sold within the ranges of 280c to 452c/kg and 310c to 374c/kg, averaging 343c respectively. Yearling steers exceeding 480kg performed well, reaching up to 364c/kg.

Yearling heifers also saw varied pricing. Light weight heifers under 200kg topped at 338c, marking an approximate 40c/kg increase from the last sale. The 200 to 280kg category mostly ranged from 234c to 360c/kg. Heifers weighing 280 to 330kg sold to processors for up to 298c, with restockers paying up to 322c/kg. The 330 to 400kg and 400 to 480kg categories, primarily purchased by processors, topped at 298c and 328c respectively, averaging 324c/kg for the latter. Heifers over 480kg, also for feeding, reached 296c/kg.

The grown steers and heifers segment witnessed a steady trade. Grown steers between 400 and 500kg topped at 310c, while those in the 500 to 600kg range made up to 298c for processors, and over 600kg sold for 296c/kg. Grown heifers matched this pricing at 296c/kg. The young cow category saw a peak of 288c, with 2 score cows (400 to 520kg) selling up to 253c and heavy 3 score cows reaching 283c/kg. The best of the heavy weight bulls hit 281c/kg.


The Roma Store Cattle Sale on the16th January 2024 exhibited a spirited trade, driven by increased cattle numbers and a broad spectrum of buyers. The sale reflected a healthy market, with competitive pricing across all categories, from light weight yearlings to heavy weight bulls. This event not only underscored the robustness of the cattle market but also highlighted the diversity of livestock and the dynamic nature of pricing in the industry.

The notable increase in total yarding, coupled with the presence of additional buyers, particularly in the cow market, indicates a strong demand and a buoyant market scenario. With prices fluctuating across various weight ranges and categories, the sale provided valuable insights into current market trends and buyer preferences.

This comprehensive overview of the Roma Store Cattle Sale offers a clear snapshot of the current state of the livestock market in Australia, reflecting both the challenges and opportunities within this vibrant industry. As the market continues to evolve, events like the Roma Store Cattle Sale remain crucial for understanding the dynamics at play in the Australian meat and livestock sector.