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Roma Store Cattle Sale 9 January 2024 Kicks Off 2024 with Notable Market Gains

graph provides a visual representation of the average prices across various cattle categories at the Roma Store Saleyard's first 2024 sale. This visual aids in understanding the pricing dynamics for different cattle types, highlighting the stronger performance in certain categories. ​​

The Roma Store Saleyard commenced its first sale of 2024 with an offering of 2,713 head of cattle, a decrease from the previous sale’s total by 4,666. The cattle primarily originated from Cunnamulla, Western QLD, and nearby districts. This event witnessed the presence and active participation of all regular buyers, along with some new operators.

A significant trend observed was the overall increase in market prices for most categories of cattle, with cows showing a particularly notable rise in value.

In the lightweight category, yearling steers weighing under 200kg, primarily returning to the paddock, fetched prices as high as 460 cents, averaging around 444 cents/kg. The 200 to 280kg yearling steers segment witnessed vigorous trading, reaching up to 472 cents and averaging 391 cents/kg. Yearling steers within the 280 to 330kg range averaged at 391 cents, peaking at 452 cents/kg. For the 330 to 400kg category, sales varied from 354 to 400 cents, averaging 382 cents/kg. The heavier yearling steers, between 400 to 480kg, destined for feed, sold for as much as 356 cents, while those over 480kg averaged 342 cents, peaking at 345 cents/kg.

Turning to yearling heifers, the under 200kg category achieved a maximum of 298 cents/kg, primarily purchased by restockers. Heifers weighing between 200 to 280kg were also in demand, fetching an average of 296 cents/kg for restockers. Those in the 280 to 330kg bracket were sought after as well, selling for up to 296 cents and averaging 276 cents/kg. Heifers in the 330 to 400kg range topped at 290 cents, averaging 286 cents/kg, while those between 400 to 480kg ranged from 208 to 286 cents/kg. Heifers exceeding 480kg, intended for feed, sold for up to 290 cents/kg.

In the grown steers category, weighing 500 to 600 kg, the sales ranged from 246 to 286 cents, with some reaching up to 292 cents/kg. The 2 score cows, primarily purchased by restockers, varied from 161 to an average of 185 cents/kg. The 3 score cows, mostly acquired by processors, witnessed the most significant increase, selling up to 250 cents/kg. The heavier bulls fetched a maximum of 278 cents, with those under 450kg achieving as high as 386 cents/kg.

This sale marks a promising start to the year for the Roma Store Saleyard, reflecting healthy demand and robust prices across various cattle categories.