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Roma Sale Yard Report 14 Nov 2023

Cattle yarding before export

Substantial Increase in Cattle Numbers and Improved Prices

In a significant development at the Roma Sale Yard, a total of 4,056 cattle were yarded, marking a notable increase of nearly 2,400 compared to the previous sale. This substantial influx of cattle was sourced from both far Western Queensland and the local area. The auction saw active participation from regular processors, feedlotters, and backgrounders, spurred by a noticeable improvement in cattle quality, which led to a considerable rise in prices across various categories.

The report details the pricing trends across different cattle categories:

  1. Light Weight Yearling Steers (under 200kg): These steers achieved a top price of 324c, averaging at 288c/kg.
  2. Yearling Steers (200 to 280kg): Topped at 322c, with an average price of 307c/kg.
  3. Yearling Steers (280 to 330kg): Saw an average of 296c, peaking at 326c, marking an increase of 40c/kg.
  4. Yearling Steers (330 to 400kg): Returning to the paddock, they made up to 312c, averaging 280c/kg.
  5. Yearling Steers (400 to 480kg): For feeding purposes, averaged 255c, with a top price of 266c/kg.
  6. Yearling Steers (over 480kg): Also for feed, topped at 258c, averaging 252c/kg.

In the female cattle category, the yearling heifers showed varied pricing:

  1. Light Weight Yearling Heifers (under 200kg): Achieved a top price of 220c, averaging 197c/kg.
  2. Yearling Heifers (for feed): Topped at 244c, averaging 209c/kg.
  3. Yearling Heifers (280 to 330kg): Peaked at 240c/kg, averaging 208c/kg.
  4. Yearling Heifers (330 to 400kg): Made up to 210c, averaging 196c/kg.
  5. Yearling Heifers (over 400kg): Averaged 205c and made up to 220c/kg.

Other categories reported included:

  • Manufacturing Steers: Topped at 202c/kg.
  • Grown Steers (500 to 600kg): Averaged 212c, peaking at 218c, while those over 600kg topped at 220c, averaging 215c/kg.
  • 2 Score Cows (400 to 520kg): Ranged from 130c to 191c, averaging at 150c/kg.
  • Preg Tested Cows (over 520kg): Topped at 228c/kg.
  • 3 Score Cows (to processor): Sold up to 218c/kg.
  • Heavy Weight Bulls: Best in category reached 230c, with bulls weighing 450 to 600kg reaching 236c/kg.

The report from Roma Sale Yard indicates a robust and active cattle market, buoyed by improved quality and increased supply, leading to a healthy competition among buyers and a favourable outcome for sellers.