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Rapid Rise in Politics: Former Federated Farmers President Takes on Key Agricultural Role in Government

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In a recent interview, the newly appointed Associate Minister for Agriculture, who also oversees animal welfare and skills, emphasised the critical importance of food safety and biosecurity for a nation heavily reliant on exporting safe and nutritious food.

These remarks were made to Rural News, highlighting the significance of these sectors in New Zealand’s economy.

The Associate Minister, who is not a member of the Cabinet, also noted that his immediate focus would be on environmental concerns, particularly in relation to freshwater regulations. This focus aligns with New Zealand’s ongoing efforts to address environmental challenges.

His political career has seen a rapid ascent. Only six months prior, he was the president of Federated Farmers, where he actively advocated for farmers’ interests, particularly in response to a series of regulations introduced by the previous Labour Government.

His tenure at Federated Farmers ended two months earlier than scheduled, following media reports linking him to the ACT Party. His political alignment was confirmed when the ACT Party announced him as a candidate, placing him fifth on their list, a position that notably ranked him ahead of several incumbent MPs.

Before entering politics, he was a dairy farmer in Manawatu, indicating a strong background in the agricultural sector he now represents at a governmental level. His transition from a farming advocate to a political figure reflects a deepening involvement in the broader aspects of agricultural policy and governance.