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OSPRI CEO Announces Departure, Leaving Legacy of Success

OSPRI’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has announced his decision to step down, marking the end of a significant era for the organisation. This move follows his successful completion of OSPRI’s 5-year strategic plan, paving the way for a new leader to take the helm.

Under his leadership, OSPRI has seen remarkable achievements. The organisation, known for its role in biosecurity and disease management, has notably improved its standing as a trusted entity in these fields. Key accomplishments during his tenure include the enhancement of relationships with shareholders, iwi and Māori communities, stakeholders, and other predator management agencies.

A major highlight of his leadership was the effective management of a significant disease outbreak, resulting in the reduction of TB-infected herds to the lowest levels ever recorded.

Additionally, he played a pivotal role in decentralising OSPRI’s operating model, which significantly strengthened the organisation’s capability and workplace culture. His efforts also led to the successful transition of the M. bovis Programme under OSPRI’s management, in line with the Government Industry Agreement.

Another notable achievement was his contribution to the development of advanced technology infrastructure, set to offer substantial benefits to farmers in the future.

As he prepares to leave, OSPRI’s board chair, Paul Reynolds, commends his strategic positioning of the organisation, leaving it resilient and well-prepared for future growth. The CEO’s departure is seen as an opportunity for OSPRI to continue building on a strong foundation, ensuring stability and progress.

During his remaining tenure, he will collaborate with the board to maintain OSPRI’s strategic commitments and ongoing projects. Opting for a change in pace, he looks forward to dedicating time to his family and pursuing various professional and personal interests. The date of his final departure will be scheduled to ensure a smooth transition for the new CEO.