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New Zealand Sees Fall in Red Meat Exports for September

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Last September, New Zealand’s red meat exports dropped by 18% from the year before. The Meat Industry Association (MIA) noted that while there were more exports to the UK and Saudi Arabia, sales to China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the US, and Australia were down.

MIA Chief Sirma Karapeeva said the drop was due to last year’s high numbers and tough global economic times. China’s exports went down 31% to $187 million.

Exports to Australia also fell by 31%, as farmers cut back on livestock because of expected dry weather from El Niño.

Exports to the UK went up 33% to $17 million, thanks to more sheepmeat and beef exports under a new trade deal. Saudi Arabia’s exports increased by 185% to $16 million, mostly from more sheepmeat sales. Beef exports helped Canada’s numbers go up 16% to $26 million.

Exports to Japan, Taiwan, and Korea fell by 4%, 27%, and 26%, respectively. The US had a 3% decrease to $142 million, mainly because of less tallow being sold.

In the third quarter, red meat exports were $2.1 billion, 21% less than last year. The drop in North Asian markets was partly made up for by more sales to North America. The US and Canada’s exports rose by 15% and 72%, mostly because of beef.

The UK’s exports for the quarter were a bit higher by 2% to $70 million, with beef exports up by 87%. But sheepmeat sales to the UK over the quarter were lower than in 2022.

Exports up to 30 September for the year were $10.2 billion, 11% less than the previous year. The US and Canada had small increases of 2% to $2.4 billion and 7% to $275 million, mostly from beef.

Set of Facts:

  • New Zealand’s red meat exports decreased by 18% in September year-on-year.
  • There was a significant drop in exports to China and Australia.
  • The UK and Saudi Arabia had more exports.
  • The third quarter saw a 21% decrease in red meat exports from the previous year.
  • The US and Canada had an increase in red meat exports, mainly beef.
  • Year-to-date exports as of September 30 were down by 11%, with slight increases to the US and Canada.