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New Zealand Rings in Its Very First National Lamb Day

Profile of a lovely Lamb Valais Blacknose sheep three weeks old

In a nod to a pivotal chapter in its history, New Zealand has rolled out the red carpet for its inaugural National Lamb Day. This isn’t just any date on the calendar; it’s a throwback to a landmark event back in 1882.

Picture this: the Dunedin, a ship loaded with the first batch of frozen lamb, sets sail from Port Chalmers, charting a course for London. That voyage didn’t just deliver lamb; it marked the start of New Zealand’s storied journey as a heavyweight in the global food scene.

John Pemberton, the head honcho at Ag Proud, paints a vivid picture of this day. He’s not just talking about a ship’s journey; he’s talking about New Zealand’s stride onto the world stage as a “global food powerhouse.”

National Lamb Day? It’s more than a celebration; it’s a hat tip to the country’s culinary prowess and a high-five to everyone who plays a part in bringing lamb from the lush farms to the dinner table. Pemberton’s rallying cry? “Let’s raise a chop in salute to our food champions!”

Then there’s Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc, the folks championing the cause of beef and lamb domestically. They’re throwing their weight behind Ag Proud to make this day a staple in the national calendar.

Kit Arkwright, the chief at Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc, is buzzing with excitement. He’s looking at the bigger picture – a day that’s not just about lamb but a toast to all of New Zealand’s food. It’s a day for everyone, whether you’re tilling the land or just love a good meal, to bask in the glory of New Zealand’s food, especially its lamb.

And for those who want to be where the action is, the Southern Fieldays at Waimumu near Gore, happening from 14-16 February, is the place to be. It’s set to be the heart of the National Lamb Day celebrations.