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New Zealand Livestock Vets to Receive AI-Enhanced Support

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In a significant technological advancement, New Zealand’s livestock veterinarians are set to benefit from an innovative app currently in beta testing. This app, a first of its kind in New Zealand, is designed to streamline veterinary practices using artificial intelligence (AI).

App Features and Functions

Developed by Qrious, the Ingenum app employs AI to assist veterinarians in various tasks, including creating clinical notes, managing invoicing, predicting disease outbreaks, and providing instant access to a vast array of journal articles while on the farm.

Christopher Laing, Chief Technology Officer at Qrious, explained that the app initially aimed to store clinical data for predicting livestock disease outbreaks. However, it evolved to address the scarcity of reliable veterinary data in New Zealand.

Simplifying Daily Tasks

Recognising the challenges veterinarians face in administrative tasks, the Ingenum app uses AI to convert voice notes into text, which then generates detailed invoices and comprehensive clinical notes. These notes can be edited later and are integrated into the practice’s management system. The app also feeds these notes into a larger database, aiding in modelling potential disease outbreaks.

Enhancing Clinical Practice

A unique feature of the app is its ability to attach peer-reviewed articles from the New Zealand Veterinary Association database to the clinical notes. This function allows veterinarians to supplement their diagnoses with relevant research, enhancing the quality of care provided.

Beta Testing and Future Launch

Currently, the app is being tested by four veterinary practices across New Zealand. Barny Askin, a production animal veterinarian at Totally Vets in Feilding and part of the beta-testing group, highlighted the app’s dual benefits. It simplifies administrative tasks and provides valuable insights into clinical findings from other veterinarians, potentially alerting to disease outbreaks.

Broader Applications

While the Ingenum app is tailored for livestock veterinarians, plans are underway to develop a similar product for companion animal veterinarians.

This AI-powered app represents a significant step forward in veterinary practice in New Zealand, promising to enhance efficiency and improve disease management in livestock care.