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New Zealand Biotech Firm Launches Advanced M. bovis Test

A New Zealand biotechnology company, Pictor, has introduced a new test for Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis), described as groundbreaking in its field. The company’s PicVet Mycoplasma bovis Multiplex ELISA Kit has undergone extensive development and validation, including nearly 5,000 samples of bulk tank milk, serum, and individual milk specimens.

Jamie Platt, Pictor’s managing director, stated that the test has been rigorously validated through internal and external trials in New Zealand and Australia. He highlighted its superior analytical performance, especially in bulk tank milk, which is commonly used for primary screening.

The test’s effectiveness is attributed to its use of three different antigens, each optimised for the most commonly tested sample types. Pictor’s chief science officer emphasised the potential benefits of the test for farmers and testing agencies. By using this test, it may be possible to eliminate individual infected animals rather than culling entire herds, reducing stress on farmers and minimising costs associated with control programs.

South Pacific Sera, based in Timaru, is the manufacturing partner for the new test kits. William Rolleston, co-founder and production director of South Pacific Sera, expressed pride in contributing to this project and the broader fight against M. bovis.

The new test kit is now available and is being launched in multiple markets, including Australia, the USA, and New Zealand. This development represents a significant advancement in the biotech sector and a collaborative success story for New Zealand-based companies.