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New Traineeship Programme Aims to Fortify Australia’s Chicken Meat Workforce


As the average Australian now consumes 1 kg of chicken meat each week, AgriFutures Australia has launched the Cultivate Traineeship Programme. This 12-month initiative is designed to attract individuals seeking early career opportunities in the chicken meat sector.

Programme Features

The Cultivate Traineeship Programme offers participants a Certificate III in Poultry Production. Successful completion guarantees full-time employment in the industry. Additionally, the programme includes professional development, mentorship, and networking opportunities with peers in the sector.

Industry Endorsement

Susy Klein, Executive General Operations Manager at Inghams, expressed the company’s full support for the programme. She emphasised the unique structure of the chicken meat industry, stating, “The industry provides farmers with one-day-old chicks, feed, veterinary expertise, and farm management support, offering a rich landscape of career opportunities.”

A Distinctive Career Pathway

John Harvey, Managing Director of AgriFutures Australia, highlighted the Cultivate Programme as a unique entry point into the agricultural workforce. He stressed the importance of young people as the future workforce and leaders of the agricultural sector. “It’s crucial to support, listen to, and invest in their development,” said Harvey.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Katherine Balding, Baiada Poultry General Manager of Technical, Nutrition, and Feedmilling, noted that many professionals in the sector began their careers in hands-on farm roles and have since moved up to managerial positions. Dr Mary Wu, CEO of ACMF, added that the programme serves as an entry platform for exploring various roles in the industry while gaining a formal qualification and full-time job.

Application Details

The programme is open to individuals seeking early career opportunities, with no prior experience necessary. AgriFutures Australia will host a live Q&A session on 16 October 2023 for those interested in learning more.