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MEQ and Australian Wagyu Association Forge Partnership to Advance Beef Quality with Cutting-Edge Technology

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In a significant development for the Australian Wagyu beef industry, Melbourne-based agricultural technology firm MEQ has announced a partnership with the Australian Wagyu Association (AWA).

This collaboration is set to leverage advanced carcass measurement technology, providing valuable insights across the Wagyu supply chain.

Under this partnership, MEQ will serve as an objective carcass grading partner for the AWA. The association, which boasts over 1000 members, will benefit from MEQ’s delivery of carcass measurements and the analysis of this data using AI-powered tools.

These tools are expected to offer new perspectives and understanding for the Wagyu supply chain.

Matthew McDonagh, CEO of the Australian Wagyu Association, emphasised the importance of quality in Wagyu beef production. He expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential to enhance the AWA’s data collection and analytics capabilities.

According to McDonagh, this collaboration will enable the association to access high-accuracy commercial data from Wagyu producers globally, ensuring members are well-informed about the exact composition of their products, irrespective of their location.

MEQ’s technology employs spectral analysis to ascertain the intramuscular fat percentage (IMF) or the eating quality of meat on a carcass-by-carcass basis.

This technology, integrating principles of physics, chemistry, biology, and machine learning, aims to provide meat processors with a benchmark to enhance the quality of their products. The real-time information generated is expected to benefit the entire supply chain.

Furthermore, MEQ will be the official objective carcass grading partner for the AWA Progeny Test Program, a breeding initiative aimed at refining the best traits in the Wagyu sector.

The grading data and analysis from MEQ will also be incorporated into the association’s BREEDPLAN initiative. This industry-wide database documents the estimated breeding value of animals and serves as a benchmark for genetic performance.

Remo Carbone, CEO of MEQ, expressed excitement about the partnership, noting the distinguished status of Australian Wagyu in the global red meat industry.

He highlighted the partnership’s role in providing actionable insights derived from measurement data, which will assist association members in making informed business decisions. Carbone also mentioned MEQ’s involvement in the Progeny Test Program and BREEDPLAN, which he believes will contribute to the overall advancement of the Wagyu breed.

This partnership marks a significant step in harnessing technology to enhance the quality and reputation of Australian Wagyu beef, both domestically and on the global stage.