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Meat Processing Facility Expansion to Enhance Supermarket Supply in Western Australia

The Cook Government has expressed its support for a significant multi-million-dollar investment in Western Australia’s meat processing sector. This investment is anticipated to generate 80 new employment opportunities in the region.

MAP WA, a joint venture between Western Meat Packer Group (WMPG) and Coles, recently announced an expansion of its state-of-the-art packaging system at the Bibra Lake facility. This expansion aims to augment the supply of meat products to supermarkets.

With the incorporation of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology, the facility will now be able to produce retail-ready packets of premium beef, lamb, and pork. This technology not only doubles the shelf life of meat products compared to conventional packaging but also maintains their visual appeal and nutritional value.

As a result, consumers in Western Australia and the Northern Territory can expect to see an increase in the variety of meat products available, with product lines expanding from six to nine.

Furthermore, this expansion will enable MAP WA to double its processing capacity, producing up to 400,000 kilograms of meat products weekly. The facility has also integrated robotics technology to enhance logistical efficiency.

Agriculture and Food Minister Jackie Jarvis commented on the development, stating, “This investment underscores the potential of the WA meat industry. It not only amplifies processing capacity but also offers consumers a broader selection of high-quality local meat products.”

Jane Kelsbie also highlighted the growth trajectory of the Western Meat Packers Group, noting its evolution from a small family business to one of Australia’s leading beef and lamb processors and exporters.

She mentioned the Cook Government’s support in this journey, referencing a $300,000 grant awarded to WMPG in 2020 for the expansion of its Cowaramup abattoir. Kelsbie added, “A significant portion of the fresh meat processed at the upgraded Bibra Lake facility will be sourced from our South West region.”