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Meat & Livestock Australia Seeks Goat Producers for Advisory Committee

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is currently inviting applications from both rangeland and commercial farmed goat producers to join the Goat Industry Research, Development and Adoption Committee (GIRDAC). This initiative presents a unique opportunity for industry professionals to contribute to the strategic direction of the Australian goat meat and livestock sector.

GIRDAC, an advisory group funded and appointed by MLA, plays a crucial role in guiding the investment of goat levy funds. The committee’s primary focus is on research and development (R&D) as well as extension and adoption (E&A) initiatives. It operates independently of the Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA), ensuring a broad and unbiased perspective on industry needs.

The committee, which meets virtually four times a year, is responsible for reviewing funding proposals for R&D, monitoring the progress of ongoing projects, and evaluating the outcomes of completed projects. Its composition reflects a national focus, including commercial goat producers, value chain representatives, service providers, and subject matter experts.

Members of GIRDAC are tasked with providing advice and endorsement on various aspects, including R&D priorities for goat levy, development and review of terms of reference, appointment of service providers, and reviewing the progress of current projects.

MLA encourages interested rangeland and commercial-farmed goat producers to submit their expressions of interest (EOIs). These EOIs, not exceeding two pages, should address the following criteria:

  • Experience within the goat industry, particularly with rangeland goats.
  • Any experience in research, development, and adoption.
  • Skills and experience the candidate would bring to GIRDAC.
  • Reasons for wanting to be part of GIRDAC.

The deadline for submissions is set for 25 January 2024. This call represents a significant opportunity for goat producers to shape the future of their industry by contributing their expertise to GIRDAC’s important work.