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Meat Gains Popularity at Home

TL;DR: Meat’s popularity in meals grows despite cost pressures, with trends towards hot, nutritious, and budget-conscious home dining choices.

Meat’s presence in meals continues to rise despite higher food prices. Over half of meals now include meat, fish, or poultry. Red meat’s role in lunch and dinner has slightly increased from last year.

Lunch choices have shifted since 2019, with more people choosing meat-filled options. Sandwiches lead, chosen in 35% of lunchtimes, with soup as a close second. Both are favoured for their simplicity and affordability.

Hot meals are also on the rise, with more people opting for warm breakfasts and lunches. This includes choices like omelettes and soups.

The financial strain has led many to explore cheaper meat cuts, leading to a surge in Italian and Indian dishes. These meals are nutritious and enjoyed by the whole family.

A focus on filling meals has grown, driven by the need for budget-friendly options. People are increasingly turning to rice and pasta, using pantry items wisely, and planning meals to minimise waste.