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Insightful Overview of Welsh Red Meat and Livestock Industry

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Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) has unveiled its latest edition of ‘The Little Book of Meat Facts’, a detailed and informative guide to Wales’s red meat and livestock sector. This annual publication, accessible on the HCC website, collates essential industry data and statistics, offering a panoramic view of Welsh agriculture with a specific focus on cattle, sheep, and pigs.

The document sheds light on the scale of the industry in Wales, revealing that there are 14,067 sheep and lamb holdings and 6,790 beef holdings. A notable highlight from the report is the substantial growth in the value of the UK’s fresh and frozen red meat exports, which have surged by 20% over 12 months. France is identified as a key export destination, accounting for over a fifth of these exports.

In terms of economic impact, the publication reports that the gross value added (GVA) of Welsh agriculture is £811 million, with the total income from farming reaching £599 million. It also provides insights into the livestock auction markets in Wales, noting that 23 such markets were operational last year, with a combined throughput exceeding 1.6 million head of sheep and cattle.

The book goes on to examine the operational efficiencies within the Welsh farming sector. It highlights that the average cost for lamb producers stands at 237p/kg liveweight, while the most efficient farms have managed to reduce this cost to 184p/kg liveweight. The report also observes a positive shift in consumer purchasing habits, with over 12% of lamb bought at retail being sourced from butchers, an increase from the previous year.

‘The Little Book of Meat Facts’ serves as an authoritative and comprehensive resource, offering key insights into the size, economic contribution, and evolving trends of the red meat and livestock sector in Wales.

If this snippet has piqued your interest, feel free to dive into the complete 58-page report. It’s available for download on the HCC website, right at this spot.