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Hamilton Sheep Sale Report: 12th January 2024

The latest Hamilton Sheep Sale, conducted on the 12th of January, 2024, showcased a total yarding of 12,000 sheep, marking a noticeable decrease from the previous sale. Despite the lower numbers, the quality of the stock presented was exceptional, predominantly featuring a mix of heavy and medium-weight crossbred ewes, along with a significant representation of Merinos, accounting for about 15% of the total yarding.

Buyers had a comprehensive selection across all weights and grades, with the regular panel of buyers actively participating, albeit not in full force. The market sentiments were strikingly positive, with a considerable increase in prices across all classes of sheep, compared to the previous week’s figures.

The general run of mutton was traded at prices ranging from 300 to 350 cents per kilogram (cwt), with an average settling between 310 to 330 cents/kg cwt. The top price for crossbred ewes reached $125 per head, while well-covered Merino ewes commanded up to $107 per head. Merino wethers peaked at $95 per head, with crossbred wethers following closely at $122 per head. Hoggets, on the other hand, achieved the highest mark, selling at an impressive top price of $179 per head.

The sale highlighted the strong demand for quality sheep in the market, with prices reflecting the high standard of livestock presented. The Hamilton Sheep Sale continues to be a pivotal event for the industry, providing a clear indication of market trends and consumer preferences.


The Hamilton Sheep Sale of 12th January 2024 demonstrated a robust market with a substantial increase in prices across all sheep classes. This reflects the industry’s strong demand for quality livestock and the consistent excellence of stock presented at the Hamilton yarding. The sale, significant in its turnout and pricing, continues to set a benchmark in the Australian livestock market.