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Hamilton Lamb Sale: A Detailed Review of the Market Trends and Prices on January 10, 2024

a graph representing the yarding data, providing a clear visual representation of the price ranges for different lamb categories at the Hamilton Saleyard 10 Jan 2024

The Hamilton Lamb Sale on January 10, 2024, marked a substantial increase in livestock numbers, with a total of 39,000 lambs presented, a notable rise of 24,000 from the previous sale. This boost reflects the attractive prices in the market.

The lambs, predominantly in the trade weight category, were of high quality, with a lesser number of heavy and export types. Notably, there was a significant presence of shorn lambs, and those still in wool showed signs of dry skin.

A diverse group of buyers, including major supermarket chains and restockers, actively participated. The market remained robust, although prices for unshorn lambs were slightly softer, reducing by $5 to $15 per head.

The most competitive pricing was observed in heavy lambs (26kg and above), fetching as much as $260 per head. Trade lambs generally sold between 760c to 810c/kg cwt, with some excellent shorn lambs achieving higher prices, ranging from 730c to 820c/kg cwt.

Price Breakdown by Weight Category:

  • Light lambs (12 to 16kg) sold for $83 to $152 per head.
  • Trade lambs (18 to 22kg) ranged from $132 to $170 per head.
  • Lambs weighing 22 to 26kg fetched $162 to $215 per head.
  • Hoggets topped the sale at $164 per head.

Market Summary

The Hamilton Lamb Sale of January 10, 2024, showcased a robust market with a significant increase in lamb yarding. High-quality trade weight lambs dominated the sale, with heavy lambs attracting the highest prices. The market dynamics indicate a healthy demand across all categories, with processors and restockers actively participating. This sale reflects the current trends in the lamb market, highlighting the importance of quality and weight in determining the value of livestock.