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Field Days: A Resounding Success for Visitors and Exhibitors Alike


  • A record-breaking attendance of 45,000 people at the Southern Field Days near Gore, highlighted a strong interest despite the soft rural economy.
  • Exhibitors, especially those selling small to medium-sized products, reported positive sales, with one vendor selling 40 tunnel houses.
  • The event’s success, attributed to good weather and pent-up demand, sets a positive tone for future field days.

Southern Field Days near Gore recently witnessed an unprecedented turnout, with 45,000 attendees marking a record in its history. The event, celebrated for bringing together the agricultural community, saw visitors ready to invest in a variety of products, from four-wheelers and motorbikes to clothing and small implements. This surge in attendance and spending came as a pleasant surprise to many, given the current challenges facing the rural economy.

Steve Henderson, the chair of the event’s organising committee, shared insights from his interactions with a record number of 780 exhibitors. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, particularly from vendors of small and medium-sized goods.

The sale of 40 tunnel houses by a single vendor stood out as a testament to the event’s success. Henderson expressed his astonishment at the turnout and sales, emphasising that visitors were there to engage with exhibitors, not just for the food.

The last Southern Field Days event was four years ago, delayed by Covid, suggesting that pent-up interest and the need for physical product comparisons drove this year’s high attendance. The weather played a favourable role, with the first day’s heat drawing crowds by mid-morning and rain on the second day driving attendees to explore exhibitor tents. The final day’s heat attracted the largest crowd, culminating in a highly satisfying event for organisers and participants alike.

Looking ahead to the next event in 2026, Henderson believes that ensuring an enjoyable experience for attendees will be a key focus. This year’s success not only highlights the resilience and enthusiasm of the agricultural community but also sets a high bar for future field days.