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Federated Farmers Anticipate Renewed Confidence with New Government’s Agricultural Policies

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Federated Farmers of New Zealand have expressed optimism about the new government’s approach to agriculture, anticipating a positive shift in farmer confidence. Wayne Langford, President of Federated Farmers, highlighted the challenges faced by the farming community in recent years and the potential for change under the new administration.

Challenges and Low Confidence in the Farming Sector:

Langford pointed out that the last six years have been particularly tough for farmers and rural communities, marked by impractical and costly regulations. This period saw farmer confidence plummet to record lows, indicating a need for significant policy shifts.

Federated Farmers’ Rural Roadmap and Government Response:

In response to these challenges, Federated Farmers released a rural roadmap ahead of the election, outlining 12 policy priorities aimed at revitalising the farming sector. Langford noted with approval that the new government has adopted these priorities, signalling a commitment to address the concerns of the agricultural community.

Key Policy Changes and Expectations:

Among the anticipated changes, the removal of the ‘Ute tax’ by Christmas stands out as a significant relief for farmers. Additionally, the government plans to focus on water storage solutions and streamline the regulatory process, cutting through the red tape that has long entangled farmers.

A crucial aspect of the policy shift is the commitment to revise the freshwater rules, replacing them with practical, farm-friendly regulations. Furthermore, there will be a review of the methane reduction targets in the Zero Carbon Act, aiming for a more scientifically grounded and less politically driven approach.

Looking Forward:

Langford expressed confidence that these policy changes would substantially contribute to restoring farmer confidence. Federated Farmers are keen to collaborate with the new government to ensure these promises are fulfilled, marking a hopeful turn for New Zealand’s agricultural sector.