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EU Still Undecided on Future of Glyphosate Herbicide

Spraying fields with poison from pests. Field processing.

Last week, EU countries met but couldn’t agree on whether to keep allowing the use of glyphosate, a common weed killer. The European Commission had suggested letting it be used for another 10 years.

Reuters said that to either say yes or no to this idea, 15 countries representing 65% of all EU people needed to agree. That didn’t happen, the European Commission said.

What Happens Next

EU countries will talk about this again in early November. If they still can’t decide, the European Commission will make the choice. This needs to be sorted by 14 December because that’s when the current okay for using glyphosate ends.

Farmers Have Their Say

COPA-COGECA, a big group of European farmers, said EU countries need to make up their minds. They said there’s no other weed killer as good as glyphosate right now.

Without it, farming, especially keeping soil good, would get a lot harder.