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Emergency Response Quells Fire at Wolverhampton Meat Processing Plant

Fire and strong smoke covered building. Dangerous situation

A substantial fire erupted at a meat processing facility in Wolverhampton, leading to a large-scale response from emergency services. The incident unfolded at a facility run by ScotBeef, situated on Stafford Road, in the early hours.

West Midlands Fire Service reported that around 40 firefighters were mobilised to address the fire. Their efforts were focused on an annex of the single-story unit, successfully preventing the blaze from reaching the main structure of the plant.

Support was provided on the scene by police and ambulance crews, though there were no injuries reported. At the peak of the emergency, the response involved 10 fire appliances, as a significant smoke plume was visible moving towards the city.

Residents were initially advised to keep windows and doors shut due to the smoke. Incident commander Kevin Eaves later stated that the smoke had cleared. He praised the firefighters for their swift action in halting the spread of the fire, thereby safeguarding the facility’s main operations.

Following the incident, the A449 Stafford Road was reopened for traffic, while fire crews continued their work on-site to ensure complete extinguishment and safety.