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Dubbo Cattle Sale 16 Nov 2023

Dubbo Cattle Sale

At the recent Dubbo cattle sale, there was a notable reduction in livestock numbers, with a decrease of 260 head, culminating in a total yarding of 3,250. This sale showcased a diverse array of cattle, predominantly of fair to good quality, suitable for both feeders and processors. The selection prominently included well-finished grown steers, heifers, and cows. Among these, Bos Indicus cattle of plainer quality were also presented in fair numbers.

The sale witnessed active participation from the usual buyers, along with augmented interest from restockers, particularly from the northern regions. Price trends showed a favourable increase across various categories. Young cattle for trade recorded a 10 pence per kilogram increase, with prime yearlings selling between 200 and 264 pence per kilogram. Feeder steers and heifers saw a more significant rise, up to 30 pence per kilogram. The feeder steers were sold for 231 to 288 pence per kilogram, while feeder heifers fetched prices ranging from 178 to 241 pence per kilogram.

Young cattle destined for restocking experienced a notable increase in demand and price, with young steers selling between 250 and 320 pence per kilogram and restocker heifers between 180 and 254 pence per kilogram.

In the segment of grown cattle, both steers and heifers showed a price increment of 6 to 12 pence per kilogram. Prime grown steers were traded between 187 and 234 pence per kilogram, and prime grown heifers were sold for 176 to 214 pence per kilogram. The market for secondary cows saw a slight increase in price, whereas fully finished cows were priced 7 pence per kilogram cheaper. The 2 and 3 score cows sold for 124 to 169 pence per kilogram, while prime heavyweight cows averaged 178 pence per kilogram, within a range of 162 to 190 pence per kilogram. Cows intended for restocking also experienced a price increase, selling between 115 and 176 pence per kilogram. Lastly, bulls at the Dubbo sale were sold at higher prices, reaching up to 219 pence per kilogram.