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Dubbo & Bendigo Livestock Market Report: 15th January 2024

Dubbo Livestock Market Overview – 15th January 2024

The Dubbo saleyard witnessed a notable increase in livestock numbers on 15th January 2024, with a total yarding of 29,920, showing an increase of 8,690 from the last sale. Of these, 13,930 were sheep (up by 4,430) and 15,990 were lambs (up by 4,260).

The lamb market displayed a diverse quality range, predominantly featuring heavy weight lambs along with a selection of trade weights. Exotic lambs in good condition and well-finished Merino lambs and hoggets were notably present.

Key price movements included:

  • Lightweight lambs to processors: Down by up to $12, selling from $52 to $95/head.
  • Trade lambs: Increased by $8, with old lambs selling from $128 to $195, averaging 700c to 760c/kg cwt.
  • Heavy weight lambs: $7 to $15 dearer, with prices ranging from $176 to $295/head.
  • Merino lambs: Decreased by $12, with trade weights selling from $88 to $135/head.
  • Hoggets: Up to $20 dearer, with crossbreds reaching $148 and Merinos $110/head.

In the sheep category, most grades were $15 to $20 dearer. Merino ewes ranged from $32 to $134, crossbred ewes from $48 to $115, and Merino wethers from $73 to $125/head. Prices mostly ranged from 290c to 350c/kg cwt.

Bendigo Livestock Market Update – 15th January 2024

Bendigo’s saleyard reported a total yarding of 27,600, an increase of 9,241 from the previous sale. This included 18,900 lambs (up by 4,619) and 8,700 sheep (up by 4,622).

The lamb market experienced a shift in momentum, with quality varying across different weight categories. Notable were the heavy lambs and a mixed quality in trade and light lambs. Despite the presence of regular processing orders, some buyers exhibited restrained activity.

Price highlights:

  • Heaviest shorn crossbred lambs: Sold from $207 to $260/head.
  • Heavy shorn lambs (26-30kg): Ranged from $179 to $213.
  • Heavy trades (24-26kg): Priced between $159 and $188.
  • Trade types (22-24kg): Sold from $146 to $169/head.

The sheep market saw a rise, with heavy ewes surpassing $200 multiple times. The bulk of the lambs to processors trended from 670c to 730c/kg cwt, while light lambs attracted $70 to $136.


Both Dubbo and Bendigo livestock markets on 15th January 2024 showed significant activity with varying trends in prices and quality across different categories of lambs and sheep. Dubbo market experienced overall price increases in most lamb categories, while Bendigo saw a more varied and cautious market response. In both markets, the sheep category demonstrated a robust performance with notable price increases.