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Digital Consignments: A Boon for Producers and Advisors

The eNVD Livestock Consignment application has been designed to streamline the process of creating and sharing livestock consignments. This digital tool can function online and offline, ensuring that producers can work seamlessly, irrespective of internet connectivity.

The Digital Advantage

Switching to digital consignments offers a plethora of benefits:

  • Efficiency: The eNVD app instantly stores information, ensuring that producers complete each section comprehensively before proceeding. This digital shift can prevent the issues of misplaced, incomplete, or unreadable livestock consignment forms.
  • Enhanced Planning: Stock and station agents can view completed consignments before the livestock arrives, optimising their planning process.
  • Convenience: The eNVD app, once downloaded, can operate without an internet connection. Producers can create and share consignments offline and sync the details once they regain connectivity.
  • Economic Benefits: Unlike traditional NVD books, eNVDs are free.
  • Time-saving: The app pre-fills answers to recurring questions across various forms, and users can also design their templates.
  • Certainty: Users are guaranteed to always use the latest version of the eNVD.
  • Flexibility: The system allows for hand-written declarations to be printed if needed.

Although adopting digital consignments is optional, the eNVD web-based system and mobile app are free, making them the most efficient and accurate choice for clients. 

Additionally, users can avail of a £30 discount on their LPA reaccreditation fees if they use the eNVD for their NVD completion.

Feedback from the Field

Since its launch in March, the eNVD app has steadily increased its user base. Producers transitioning to this digital system are reinforcing the robustness of Australia’s red meat traceability, safeguarding the nation’s access to numerous global markets. 

Several livestock producers have attested to the eNVD’s efficacy in enhancing their record-keeping practices.

Support for the Transition

A range of resources, including tutorials and software programs, are available to assist producers in transitioning to the eNVD system. For further information and training opportunities, interested parties can reach out to